Product Review – Izabeen Pocket Nanny

You hear the same thing from parents who are sleeping through the night as well as from the ones that aren’t. Get your kid on a schedule! (more…)

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Travel toddler bed…Can you ever go back to the crib?

Our kid has been big from day one, well proportioned but big. His is measurements are always off the charts! The day we came home, we quickly packed up the infant Onesies and moved up to the next size. But there’s been one major problem with his above average proportions. The pack and play. He’s tall enough to climb out and he can barely stretch out. (more…)
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Dragons Love Tacos

If you are wondering who to invite over for Taco Tuesdays you can find a complete guide to having a Dragon Taco party. Any host or hostess worth their salt will find this book useful for navigating the world of dragon parties.

You’ll find the ins and outs of dragon hosting and learn about some serious shortcomings to hosting Dragons. I find comfort in knowing the dragons are aware of their shortcomings and will help undo any mistakes
Dragons are good citizens and I think you and your child will enjoy Dragons Love Tacos
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Tips for Parents with Infants – Rule #3

The following situation is going to happen and is related to Rule #2

Foto composición

The fog briefly clears one morning as you are wiping something off your child, when you realize Babies-R-Us vomited all over your house. You can’t explain how it happens but it slowly creeps into your house. A second high chair here, baby swing over there and piles of clothes that you could swear your child only wore for a day.
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